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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I accelerated my scooty hoping I’d speed past the signal before it turned red. I almost did, when the green disappeared and red replaced it. Damn!! Waiting on the road at a signal at noon’s the worst thing that can happen on a sunny summer day. Ninety seconds left!! I was gazing at random people on the road as I waited for the green signal. And suddenly, I almost jumped out of my skin, as I heard something loud and deafening. It took me a second to realize it was the horn of the huge truck behind me. The truck driver honked not just once. He honked continuously until I turned back and stared hard at him. It was extremely irritating, to listen to ear-piercing sounds especially when the source of it was right behind me, and also, when it was totally unnecessary to honk. Did honking even help him?? He had to wait the same sixty seconds as everyone else. Couldn’t he have been a bit more patient?

Sometimes, people get impatient and vent it all out by honking. They don’t realize how much they frustrate the other people on the road by doing so, people like me in particular.

Obviously I don’t object to honking, when necessary. It’s just that I can’t stand unnecessary unpleasant noise all around.

There are a lot of such people, who for some reason, love honking. Some honk when a dog is crossing the road fifty metres away, or even when a woman and her kid have almost crossed the road. There are others who honk when they get impatient, or angry. Some honk when they are happy, irrespective of how empty or crowded the road is. Some even honk in the tune of the song being played in the vehicle (I know someone who does).Some people honk for the fun of it. There are these people who get supposedly stylish horns installed. These sound different from the usual ones, but are as irksome if not worse. For whatever reason, these people just derive pleasure out of pressing that button there every once in a while. Aaarrrggghhh!!

I hate unnecessary honking. It’s so pissing off. And I dislike people who honk when not needed.

So if you’re in the same road as I’m, take your hand off the horn. Honking is prohibited in my vicinity, unless it’s a necessity. J

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random stuff!!

I've not been able to find much time for a blog update the last couple of days, considering the little time I've spent on the computer (or even at home). Even today, I wasn't at home at all. So I'm just posting this, to maintain continuity.
Anyway, I'm goin to keep it short. Today was a great day too. You are probably wondering why I call everyday awesome. I can't help it!! Each day seems better than the previous one.
I realized Salem is actually a nice place, rather, Yercaud is. A beautiful place it is!! Also I realized how nice it felt to get close to people all over again, during a get-together after real long.
Anyway, hoping for better days ahead.
I'll get back soon with a better post. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A jolly good day!!

You might not understand most of what I’m talking about in this post, unless you were in my school. If you were, I m sure u would be able to completely relate to it.

Yesterday was one amazing day. I ve been having quite a lot of fun the last one week, but yesterday was exceptional.

The day began, as six of us met in sne’s place, as planned (only things were delayed a bit, credit to me. I was on the phone. lol.). And we were off to school. Though college is a lot more fun, there was something about school that was nice too.

Anyway, we met the new principal, and once we left the office, there was Paneer sir beaming at us. It felt so good, to meet him after so long, and to see him smiling that too (after a lot of problems he had faced a couple of years ago). He was and he still is one of the very few teachers, we really respect. And we couldn’t believe it, but he said we could play basketball in the school court, even though we no more belonged there. Anyway, after this we met many other teachers. Some who we liked and some for formality’s sake. Was nice to meet everyone from the computer department as well, only we missed Mrs.Indira L . (My favorite teacher ever!!) After this was canteen time. After a small chat with the lady there(who loves our gang), we left school.

All of us got back at 4, after a change of clothes. Paneer sir was delighted to see us, all ready and excited to start playing. We walked into the games room, and immediately felt nostalgic..all those days back in school when we used to bunk class and sit there for hours, doing nothing. It was great fun. This was when it started to rain, dampening our spirits. Hoping it will soon cease to rain, a few of us who were once upon a time a part of the school basketball team, were chattering about those good old days.

Once it stopped raining, we began our game. And, I got to admit, I have no stamina. At the end of fifteen minutes of play, I was famished. But we continued the game and enjoyed it so much that the fact that it had started to rain heavily again didn’t seem to bother us, but it did bother some teacher, who chased us out. We didn’t want to let anyone stop us. We went to the other side of the building, got wet and drenched. It was a lot of fun. And after sometime, we got back to the basketball court, and continued our game, in spite of the heavy rain. Our spirits rose higher as the rain got heavier. We played to our heart’s content, and left for akshay’s place, for a snack. And then we got back home.

On the whole, it was an awesome day!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wish me luck!!

I wish to make a new beginning. I' m not going to say much. Wish me luck. I need it. :)