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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I accelerated my scooty hoping I’d speed past the signal before it turned red. I almost did, when the green disappeared and red replaced it. Damn!! Waiting on the road at a signal at noon’s the worst thing that can happen on a sunny summer day. Ninety seconds left!! I was gazing at random people on the road as I waited for the green signal. And suddenly, I almost jumped out of my skin, as I heard something loud and deafening. It took me a second to realize it was the horn of the huge truck behind me. The truck driver honked not just once. He honked continuously until I turned back and stared hard at him. It was extremely irritating, to listen to ear-piercing sounds especially when the source of it was right behind me, and also, when it was totally unnecessary to honk. Did honking even help him?? He had to wait the same sixty seconds as everyone else. Couldn’t he have been a bit more patient?

Sometimes, people get impatient and vent it all out by honking. They don’t realize how much they frustrate the other people on the road by doing so, people like me in particular.

Obviously I don’t object to honking, when necessary. It’s just that I can’t stand unnecessary unpleasant noise all around.

There are a lot of such people, who for some reason, love honking. Some honk when a dog is crossing the road fifty metres away, or even when a woman and her kid have almost crossed the road. There are others who honk when they get impatient, or angry. Some honk when they are happy, irrespective of how empty or crowded the road is. Some even honk in the tune of the song being played in the vehicle (I know someone who does).Some people honk for the fun of it. There are these people who get supposedly stylish horns installed. These sound different from the usual ones, but are as irksome if not worse. For whatever reason, these people just derive pleasure out of pressing that button there every once in a while. Aaarrrggghhh!!

I hate unnecessary honking. It’s so pissing off. And I dislike people who honk when not needed.

So if you’re in the same road as I’m, take your hand off the horn. Honking is prohibited in my vicinity, unless it’s a necessity. J


  1. i honk my horns in the tune of nokia message tone!

  2. i honk my horns in the tune of a nokia tone for a "message received"!

  3. @ani
    i hate u too, in dat case. lol :P

  4. Are you sure it wasn't a free-left?? and you weren't blocking the truck driver's way in that case? :P

  5. @anu
    lol. it wasn!! n i made my point clear anyway ;p

  6. Sindu ! :p call me sindu ! i don't know why google changed my name n all without asking me :|
    :P :P :P !


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