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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Li'l is beautiful!!

Before I begin, let me introduce to you, Govindamma (in short, Goindma), a woman in her fifties. She is the maid, who works at my place. She s been with us for almost ten years now (probably even more),a very cheerful woman, who is all smiles most of the time, in spite of the numerous problems she faces (that too single handedly, she doesn’t live with her husband). Truly, she s someone who has been there all along, behind the scene, doing things I hate doing. Being in a hostel now, I realize how cumbersome washing clothes and cleaning can be. Lol. And I really wonder how someone can wash clothes and vessels and clean things everyday and still smile at the end of it (had I been in her place, I’m quite sure, I’d spend half my day frowning).lol

Till a couple of years ago, many times when she has tried playing around with me or my brother, we’ve been snobbish and sometimes even snapped back. She didn’t give up then. She continued being what she was- playful, forever cheerful and lively. She still is. The difference now is the change in my attitude I suppose. Now when I’m nice to her, and when I make her smile, it makes me real happy to see the happiness reflecting on her face. And this is when I realized that I don’t have to do big things to delight her. Very little things can do the job. A chat about her grandson, or a toffee for him, or sometimes just a smile would do. I’ve made a “hi” and a “bye” accompanied by a warm smile, habitual.

It’s not just her, a lot of such people who do li’l li’l things- cleaning the roads, waiters, drivers… It often happens that we take them for granted. A minute thought of a world without them would do more than telling us how important they are. It’s important that we give them some momentary pleasure. That’s the least we can do. A smile, a “Thanks”, any friendly gesture (even a nod)… They cost nothing, but can mean a lot.

Let’s do the li’l we can, to make them smile and to make their life beautiful. :)


  1. yep! a smile can do wonders. for certain people in their situation it can mean much more to them than we can imagine. and about the tiny things that we take for granted, well only when we realise the pain do we ever appreciate it.

  2. Hey! nice piece! thoughtful and yeah, so true!To realise that things we take for granted are not so for the other party will take us places.

  3. ashu i love dis post of tears in my eyes :)


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