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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Logic and reason -> Raped

Some blog-assessment time I spent last week awoke me to a realization - My blog reeks of feminism, quite strongly. Not my fault, the recent happenings on our side of the world, have made anything women-related, an unavoidable subject. Still, I stuck a sticky-note somewhere on the insides of my head to remind me to mellow down a bit. I told myself in a stern mind-voice to widen my focus and write on varied topics, essentially to mitigate the turning of my blog into a feminist one.

I confined my strong feelings opposing the increase in violence against women, to my Facebook status messages. It was a self-imposed blog post restraint. I read other articles and blog posts that said all that I wanted to say. The vehemence in them made my anger stronger. If not me, someone had done my job. I felt a little bit of vicarious satisfaction. The abstinence mode went well. However the recent events haven’t ceased to hit the headlines; every new day sees more interesting news than the previous day. All this while, the TV guys had a tough time juggling many rape cases, to cover them all in a one hour news show. Now I suppose, is analysis time. The enlightened minds of our country are proposing their ingenious theories and recommending never-thought-of solutions. And I can resist no more.

So here, as I begin, I bow to the leaders, especially the khap panchayat leaders; I stand up and applaud, for the reason that I ‘m uncertain if the best Business Intelligence systems in the world would’ve uncovered the pattern that you identified in no time. (i.e.) As the amount of chowmein you eat goes up, so does the probability of you turning into a rapist. Chhatar saar, #respect.

Some other khap panchayat leaders and former CM of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala have come up with an incredible solution : early marriage. The logic is simple, yet brilliant. “Parents can decide” when to marry off their teenagers. The girls can marry very early “if they have physically grown up”. This way the boys and girls “don’t stray” and they won’t have the “need to rape”. Mind blowing, I say! Child marriage and rape - two evils make a positive, doesn’t it?

There’s more. Our beloved Mamata, a woman herself, blames the media for glorifying rape. She is an optimistic and a brave woman. Maybe we should stop cribbing; If we look at the brighter side, the pathetic side will vanish, won’t it? You TV guys, stop being obsessed with rape cases. Don’t you malign her government and make it look bad. How is it her fault if her state has rapists loitering about? She doesn’t need to watch her back all the time, she has an entourage following her everywhere. How is it her lapse that we don’t have one? And if we want to be a part of the “open and free market” that our society is, we should be open to everything. We can’t have freedom and safety too, we gotta be brave and positive; we got to make a wise choice.  

Wait, is rape even an issue of concern? 90% of the cases, it’s consensual. HPPC member Dharamvir Goyat says so. And someone’s coined a new term for it: “legitimate rape”. Let’s stop blowing this out of proportion. Women, stop making a fuss. Clearly, the increase in the number of rape cases is a clandestine and Machiavellian plot to slur the government; and nothing more.

God, please kill me. God I get that people can be stupid, I do. I just don’t get how people can so proudly put their stupidity on display. 


  1. stop eating is really true

  2. This is nothin but d boomerang effect...wen v ppl have wrong priorities n vote for d wrong reasons, v elect the wrong many youngsters even read the papers now a days? how many parents r willin to c their kids in professions that have a direct relationship wid national responsibility? many journalists r honest in their reporting?...parenting is a much more business than it seems on the surface...schooling quality determines the nation's future...i feel strongly about all these..we have to start @ the grass roots.....good post...acidic enuf to burn a hole on my screen many r genuinely bothered to even give it a try?

  3. Thanks ma'am. That's a whole new perspective, and that gives me a lot to think about.
    yes, we elect the wrong leaders, but aren't they all almost the same? There are exceptions I understand. And yes there is a provision to choose to vote for no one, but at the end of the day, someone does win and the same story goes on.
    And youngsters, including me,we aren't very informed, we don't have info on everything, our opinions come from the little knowledge that we have. Most of us, either we don't have opinions or we don't have facts/research to back our opinions. I completely agree with u on that.
    And journalists being awesome in their reporting, it's sad that they aren't always so, considering they play such a big role in forming public opinion. For a second I wondered about the possibility of the rape cases being a big scam to make the govt look bad. I m not saying they didn't happen, but what if the rape cases were planned and executed? That doesn't change anything in the safety-of-women scenario, but still. It would be s shame.

    And schooling quality, sure it's very important. Schools shud encourage students to think, to read, to be aware and to not judge anything/anyone on baseless grounds.
    I'm not sure where all of this can start. Yes, it's a bottom up process. It will take forever to reach the top. But it's high time we started.
    Thanks for commenting :)

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  5. devi priya's comment is interesting :-)


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