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Sunday, October 7, 2012

October is here!

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Every new day is a new opportunity and every new month brings with it, many such new days. And hope.

But there is something more about October. October brings in a wisp of freshness, the scent of rain and a gleam of hope.

For my dad, a Chartered Accountant from a lineage of Chartered Accountants, the end of September is anticipated. September 30th is the deadline for income tax return filing. Hence, September is a taxing and a hectic month for every Chartered Accountant, and a pain in the neck for his/her family. The whole month, Dad is NEVER at home. Weekends and weekdays become indistinguishable. The family dinners don’t happen. Going out becomes a rarity. For me or my brother, buying new stuff becomes unworkable. Everyone at home gets happy at the wake of October. For a family like mine, it beats the excitement of any other new month, tenfold – leaving out New Year’s, of course.

This year, I ‘m miles away from home and that changes it all to a different story. This year, I waited all September, for it to end. My best friend was going to visit me. The wait and the pre-visit last week panicking and planning were all worth it. I had a beautiful weekend. The dawn of October was much more to me this year, than any other.

Not just that, October is going to be a tremendously challenging, yet exciting month. The coding phase of my project in my first job ever begins this month. The anxiety I've been going through the last couple of months has reached its climax. I’m nervous and scared as the start was such a fiasco. If not anything else this month is going to decide if I want a career in the software industry. And that’s something.

All my life I’ve been a fickle minded and a confused soul. I've always wanted to do so many things – journalism, law, computer science, sociology, blah blah - I've never been able to decide on one.  My whole life, I’ve tried to change that about me. Finally, I have embraced the fact that that makes me, me. When I can try a hundred clothes in a mall, knowing I will buy none, why can’t I do the same in life! I’m going to do all that I've wanted to: I’m going to write, code, read everything I want to, travel, party and so much more. If work doesn't keep me hooked on, I’m going to go hunting for something else that does.
I’m going to explore.
And just saying that feels SO good.

Waking up, now that September has ended, there is so much to do. There is so much fun ahead. There are so many amazing people to meet. There is a beautiful life to live.

Green Day’s song plays in the background as I write this. Nothing, not even October is as inspiring as music is. I feel so good now.
The song has ended, I m done with my post. It just hit me that the weekend is over too. The thought of a Monday morning – such a mood dampener. Is October really any different?




  1. I know, what you mean... But it is different... there is fun and fervor, festivities and fireworks in the air... October is certainly different! :))

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